About Us


“Foodies Hubb” offers a whole spectrum of digital marketing and web development services and bring new perspective to boost brand’s value, online footprints and customer loyalty. We ensure optimized campaigns that guarantee wider reach, sales and carves maximum business growth.


It is also an online directory for food, where food lovers and eateries come together under one roof and share their experience about restaurants, recipes and new dishes. Moreover, we also provide latest news from the food world to keep the foodies updated about the food spots.


What we Value?

This is a place where foodie lover can connect with other foodie lover and share their experiences about different eateries all around Pakistan. We empower users to give their reviews in order to establish standards and expectation for eateries.


Everyone has a story when we visit different foodie places, therefore we offer you the platform to share your memorable experience and decide how good it was!

Share your experience, because your story matters!

Today, people believe in services and we are here to provide a space which can be utilized by the “foodies” and “eateries” to maintain the standards. These are the foundations of our “Foodies Hubb”, where you can share you experiences.


What we Believe?

We want to be more than a restaurant guide. This will be a place where “Foodie Lovers” can rate and review the eateries and food. This idea has evolved and has now become a reality to launch as community in the form of a website and many social networks. We want to establish a strong relationship between the “Eateries” and “Foodies”.


The Social Space

A big part of what we do is to make food social, and since social networks are much mature now, it’s time to make it a social community all over Pakistan. We hope to bring to the world a real social network for foodies who explore new eateries and share their experience. This will become a “Foodie Social Network”.