The Best Biryani Places in Karachi


“Biryani” is a famous dish all over Pakistan. Most of the Pakistanis even die for biryani when needed (Just Kidding :)!). However, the type of biryani varies from person to person. Some prefer spicy biryani specially “Daig wali”, whereas others are more inclined towards “Ghar wali” biryani. Other elements like aloo, leg piece, Raita and Salad are further added to make it juicier and delicious.


Almost, all eateries in Pakistan offer this watery and breathtaking dish but taste varies on different food spots. Sometimes, it confuses us to choose the place when it is about having the perfect biryani for lunch or dinner.


So, to provide you a simple and perfect solution, “Foodies Hubb” has classified the most delicious “Biryani Places” for you in Karachi. Here is the list of top visited eateries offering delicious and best biryani in town.

  • Hajji Biryani – Jamshed Road

Hajji Biryani – Jamshed Road

The most economical biryani spot in Karachi is located on Burns Road and offers the most aromatic and perfectly balanced biryani.

  • Madni Biryani – Buffer Zone

Madni Biryani – Buffer Zone

Although, it is located in one corner of the city, it attracts biryani lovers from all over Karachi. To meet the need of biryani loving people, they have 5 outlets in Karachi and provides the perfect blend of spices which makes their “Biryani” a must-have item of the city.

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  • Al-Naaz Biryani – Shara-E-Faisal

Al-Naaz Biryani – Shara-E-Faisal

Located at Main Shahr-e-faisal, this eatery is also in the list of eateries offering most economical and pocket-friendly biryani in the Karachi city. If you want to buy 1Kg biryani, it will cost you PKR. 240 only.


Although, many people might not be aware of it, those who have tried always recommend this place.

  • Biryani of The Seas (BOTS) – Clifton

Biryani Of The Seas (BOTS)

Karachi is a place where you will find biryani at every corner of the city. So, if you talk about Clifton and want to go for biryani, you must visit this place. And the best part here is, if you’re tired of beef and chicken biryani, they offer another option and that is fish and prawn biryani, which makes it another must-visit spot in town for biryani.

  • White Biryani – Defense

white biryani

Well! This is something new in market which is gaining traction all over the city. This is an innovation in town and attracting many people in Karachi. Breaking the stereotype of spicy or Daig wali biryani, this place has emerged as a food spot which offers delicious white biryani.


And Yes! For your information, it is not Pulao. It a proper biryani with a color other than yellow. It is as delicious as your traditional biryani but in white color!

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  • Biryani Centre

biryani centre

Do you know that biryani spot is the oldest in K-town, with most branches in Karachi. Easily accessible for all biryani loving people, this food spot has earned great reputation and rank when it comes to biryani places.

  • Student Biryani

This is the pioneer in Karachi which stands high in biryani spots. Still biryani is still the first choice for many people in K-town who like to eat sindhi biryani over any other biryani type.


Although, there is an intense competition with new entrants in the city, Student Biryani has never lost its rank and still loved by many Pakistanis all over the world.


Which one is your favorite Biryani place? If we miss anyone do let us know in the comments below.

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by ally shroff on Foodies Hubb
a new biryani in town

gabbarz beef biryani in dha phase 6 has created quite the stir in the market. if you foodies havent tried it, its a must folks!

by Shoaib on Foodies Hubb

I have visited half of them, and I must say that everyone should try them. They provide quality food at economical prices. Very nice blog!