Best Desi Breakfast Places in Karachi


There is no doubt that Karachiites are big foodies. No matter how long of a spread of undesi menu we get we are hooked to our oily fattening heavy feeling but lip smackingly delicious desi food.

Ghaffar’s kebab, BBQ tonite’s bar b q, Zahid’s nihari, Mirchili’s Gappa Gotala – Karachi has a range of desi food to offer. But nothing beats the desi breakfast this city has to offer to its bunch of foodies.

Our idea of a perfect Sunday morning starts with munching hot crispy puries served with soft sweet halwa and savory aalo tarkari or chickpeas.

Check out our picks for Top 5 Desi Breakfast Places in Karachi:

Zaoq Dolmen Mall

Location: Dolmen Mall Clifton

Posted by Zaoq Restaurant Karachi on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This place has a perfect view along with the perfect brunch menu it not only offers non desi items like croissants sausages pancakes etc but also has desi dishes like paya , nehari, halwa suji, tarkari, puri and the list is massive with tasty options to fill you up and kick start a Sunday morning with some shopping spree.


Location: Near Aisha Manzil, F.B.Area

Whoever asks for desi food breakfast recommendation, the answer is Dhamthal. It is not only known for its delicious signature breakfast dish halwa puri but also for its baked items. There is always a long queue of people waiting for their turn even after noon which is a sign how good the breakfast is.

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Tooso Nashtatooso

Location: 25, commercial Area, Alamgir Road, Bahadurabad

One of the most popular breakfast places to date, Tooso is established since 1976 it continues to be the go-to place for Karachiites since decades.

Tooso’s signature dishes are halwa puri, aloo bhujia and tea, the place also offers eggs and parathas for breakfast or club sandwiches for a quick snack.


Location: Boat basin

Dera serves outstanding breakfast while topping the list of other competitors it has on the famous food street of boat basin. Halwa puri is a must-have but you can also try their signature chicken cheese paratha for a variation.

Quetta Alamgir Hotelquetta-alamgir

Location: next to Zameer Ansari in Bahadurabad 

The famous lachhay dar crispy parathas are served at this hotel. You’ll have a typical chai dhaba feeling while enjoying your chai paratha at this place. It is one of our favorite desi breakfast places. Try their Pizza paratha too its worth the mention.

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United Kingunitedking

Location: Chartered Accountants Avenue, Near 3 Talwar, Clifton, Karachi

A popular bakery and steak house in town is another hot spot for best desi breakfast places in Karachi, offering best menu for your breakfast. Apart from quality food and breakfast, they also provide hygienic atmosphere where you can enjoy with your family and friends. Their timely delivery and takeaway service is also amazing which is the main reason for their fame.


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