Best Foods to Boost your Brain

Latest research has shown that today the human brain is more in the control of the person himself regardless of the age or gender. Basically, there are two phenomena that is related to the use of brain namely neuroplasticity and the rate of creation and survival of synapsis. Neuroplasticity is the rate at which neurons are created in different parts of the brain whereas synopsis relates to the repairing and breaking between connection of neurons that are important for the brain to function properly.


Now as the person ages, the connection between the neurons get weak due to which the person experiences the memory loss. However, scientist suggests that adopting a certain lifestyle can help in reducing this problem and also improves the memory.


The most important impact is the use of foods that helps in improving brain functionality and memorizing power of people. Therefore, we have listed down some foods that will help you in improving your memorizing abilities without any medication and supplements.


egg - foodies hubb

Do you know that egg is rich in choline, which is a compound more like a vitamin? It is important for cells to function properly. For a pregnant woman, it is highly recommended while the baby is still developing in the womb. The presence of this compound aids the development of hippocampus which is the center brain memory.  And moreover, the yolk of the egg is rich in homocysteine which toxifies the brain cells and cause their destruction. The vitamin b12 interferes with the toxification process and thus, it helps brain from memory loss and malfunctioning.


fish - foodies hubb

Fish is a very good food with lots of omega fatty acids which are healthy for heart. It also contains DHA, which is highly important for the healthy brain. It helps in maintaining the brain functions in the human brain. It aids the proper functioning of the brain cells that are neurons. And it is important to know that egg is a white meat and when it is substituted with red meat, the functioning of the heart remains proper.


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A meeting was held in Boston, which was attended by many scientists, and they all agreed to the point that different berries like strawberries, acai berries, blue berries are helpful in preventing the cognitive declining process by preserving the natural process. Basically, these processes slow down with age, and results in the loss of memory. Berries initiate the process that reduces the amount of proteins that are toxic in nature. Amongst all berries, the most vital is the blue berry which actually helps in preventing the loss of memory. So, it is recommended to eat it in the summer and also stock it for the winters.


walnuts - foodies hubb

These beautifully nuts are highly beneficial for the proper functioning of the brain, with a combination of compounds like vitamin E, folate, omega 3 fats and anti-oxidants. You might have observed that every food discussed above have one of these elements, which shows their significance for human health brain. And it is the miraculous wonder that walnut has all these ingredients available. So, consuming walnuts can boost mental health and memorizing abilities.



It is not only creamy tender fruit that savors the taste buds of many people, it is also a medicine in disguise for healthy brain.  A medicine without a ghostly pill appearance, is enriched with lots of vitamins E, which prevents the oxidation of the membranes in brain due to its anti-oxidative character.


Another component of this fruit is vitamin C, which is actually helpful in preventing the body from Alzheimer disease that is a disorder in which the person loses its memory at different intervals in life which becomes a headache with increasing age.

Sunflower Seeds

It is a great source of vitamin E, which is anti-oxidative in nature and helps in preventing memory loss. They can be taken one pounce per day in a dry-roasted form. They can be taken over different salads or in a regular meals of the day. Their core ingredients are highly helpful in maintaining a healthy brain activity and a good memory.

Peanuts and Peanuts Butter

Peanuts and Peanuts Butter - foodies hubb

They’re another great source of vitamin E, and which we know that it is highly beneficial for healthy brain. The proteins along with other bio active products promote a healthier heart and even a healthier brain by improving the vascular health within a body.

Green leafy Vegetables

Green leafy Vegetables - foodies hubb

Dark green leafy vegetables contain plant pigments zeaxanthin  and lutein. According to the American College Journal of Nutrition, they may help to prevent strokes, heart disease and breast and lung cancer. Vegetables that contain the most amount of lutein and zeaxanthin include kale and spinach.


Moreover, zeaxanthin and lutein absorb excess light in plants to reduce sunlight damage. In eyes, lutein and zeaxanthin can be found in the macula. Studies from the American Journal of Epidemiology, Ophthalmology and Archives of Ophthalmology found that those who had more lutein and zeaxanthin in their diet were found to have a lower incidence of AMD.

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