Burger King pranks McDonald’s

Burger King and McDonald’s are famous for their rivalries in fast-food industry! And this time, it has taken new heights of creativity. Both brands have involved in running aggressive campaigns at one another or have trolled each other.


This time, Burger King has launched a devious campaign against McDonald’s, aimed at diverting customers from its widespread outlets all over USA. The new marketing strategy is called ‘The Whopper Detour’, and McDonald’s plays a huge part in it.

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The publicity photo is a “Whopper” of a joke. Under a blurred-out photo of the Golden Arches is the bejeweled hand of the Burger King himself, adding the letter “W” in a key place.


The result: “Billions Swerved”. Thus, making a snarky change.


According to data from Technomic:

Nearly 75% Americans live within the vicinity of 3-mile radius of at least one McDonalds outlet. There were more than 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants and roughly 7,200 Burger King restaurants in the U.S in 2017.”


And therefore, the whole campaign revolves around this.

Highlights of the Campaign

  • For a limited time, Burger King fans can order a Whopper for just one cent…but you have to be in the vicinity (600 feet) of a McDonald’s restaurant.
  • When you are within the geo-fenced McDonald’s locations across the country and have the app downloaded, the Whopper promotion will be unlocked.
  • Once the customer places the order, the app will navigate you to their nearest Burger King restaurant for pick-up.


Hence, the Whopper Detour.

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Watch the promotional video in which poor McDonald’s drive-thru workers have to answer customers asking for the Whopper sandwich.

An online video promoting the limited-time deal shows actors trying to redeem the offer at the McDonald’s drive-thru, where their orders are met with confusion from McDonald’s staff.


The campaign began when the Whopper king tweeted on its official Twitter saying- ‘brb going to McDonalds’

This created a lot of confusion in the BK’s fans. Some even thought that the account has been hacked by a McDonald’s fan, whereas others were curious to see what will happen next.

Soon, the confusion was over and the brand officially announced their new campaign- the Whopper Detour!


The catch is, food-lovers can get an amazing Whoppers at the cost of just one penny, from McDonald’s!

And Yes! This is true.

The idea was rolled out a year ago, when FCB New York approached BK with the premise. For visualization, they also shared a print ad with the McDonalds’ sign to read “Billions Swerved” instead of “Billions Served, showing the BK King making the snarky change.


Marcelo Pascoa, BK’s global head of brand marketing said:

“We love ideas that when the idea gets to us we say ‘how the heck are we going to pull this off?’”


Waze worked with the franchise to make an ad that appears when one’s car stops near a McDonald’s.


Have you purchased your Whopper at McDonald’s yet?


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