Eateries of the Week in K-Town


Hello Foodies, let’s discuss about the best Eateries of the Week! Have you ever been in search for the best Food spot in K-town? If so, then don’t worry now. Now, that being said and without further ado, given below are the best “Eateries of the Week” available in Karachi for foodies. Eateries of the […]

Top Desi Food Spots in Karachi

desi food

Even though we’ve many food streets in Karachi with top eateries in Clifton, Defence, Bahadrabad etc. But Karachiites are also desi food lovers and are ready to visit any eatery at any place in the corner of the k-town. So, dear Karachiites, we’ve listed down the most authentic, superb, delicious and economical desi food spots […]

Best Food Hunting and Discount Apps in Pakistan

food app

Have you ever craved for a burger at Midnight, and got to know that no restaurant delivers in your area at that time? Well, if you’ve faced this situation, then you’re not alone. To all the people who have passed through this time, are aware of the fact that only food hunting and ordering sites […]

The Best Biryani Places in Karachi


“Biryani” is a famous dish all over Pakistan. Most of the Pakistanis even die for biryani when needed (Just Kidding :)!). However, the type of biryani varies from person to person. Some prefer spicy biryani specially “Daig wali”, whereas others are more inclined towards “Ghar wali” biryani. Other elements like aloo, leg piece, Raita and […]

Pizza Fries – A New Food Trend in Karachi

Did someone say fries? You’ll find a fries’ seller in every other corner of the street in Karachi. It’s the favorite snack of Karachites. You might like fries loaded with cheese mayo or garlic mayo different seasonings like tikka masala, chicken flavor, chat masala or plain salted. Latest addition to Karachites fries craving is “Pizza […]

The Best Nihari Places in Karachi

nihari places karachi

“Nihari” majority of people’s favorite dish in Pakistan even the name of it makes you drool! Introduced in the Mughal Era, it was served as breakfast with piping hot naan and nutrition wise it was healthy item and kept the people full good start of the day. It is a heart wining dish of every […]

Pakistani Cities and their Food Specialties


Pakistan is a hub of divine food and a nation of foodies. Anybody who has ever visited would agree our food makes the tourists drool they find it a bit spicy but that’s how we like it. I can proudly say that Pakistan is home to all sorts of delicacies, enjoyed by people from around […]

The Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Karachi

When you ask someone which cuisine they like mostly answer Mediterranean! This food has gained a lot of popularity as a cuisine in recent years. With Karahi biryani or Keema on our everyday menu, people tend to try something different in their dine-out experience. Something which they can’t normally cook at home. Mediterranean food has […]