Fast Food Eateries in Karachi to Enjoy During Your Work Break

Foodies Hubb

Having fast food cravings at office is quite common and especially when sitting late for work.   Browsing different food spots online and asking for recommendations for fast food joints is something every food lover aware off! When you have all those juicy burgers, crispy french fries and mouthwatering sandwiches on your mind, some feel […]

Pepsi Calls Super Bowl Truce with Coke

pepsi coca cola

Pepsi has called on Coca-Cola for a truce after the brands spent months battling it out over Super Bowl coverage.   The #ColaTruce and #TogetherisBeautiful is trending after the two world-famous rival cola brands, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have called for a truce.   PepsiCo, in a surprise-marketing stunt placed a statue of its founder Caleb […]

Annual Biryani Festival Announced by Sindh Government

Biryani Annual Festival

The Biryani, which is the love of many are happy to hear the news of an annual biryani festival in Pakistan.   We have limitless love for biryani and there is no boundary to it. All over the country, this beloved dish is served in weddings, dawat and get-togethers.   And, when Governor Imran Ismail […]

Food Panda New Year’s Resolutions

Food Panda Cheat Meal

The past year has proven to be fruitful for many food joints in Pakistan. And this year, all the foodies are expecting more eateries with new and exciting deals clamoring their attention.   Year 2019 has finally arrived and everyone has set their new year’s resolutions.   Some have promised to follow a strict diet […]

Papa John’s Is Coming Back To Pakistan


Pizza lovers are happy!   Papa John’s, the fourth biggest and undisputed king of Pizza in the USA, is gearing up for a major relaunch in Pakistan this year.   The announcement was made on Papa John’s Instagram account where it was shared that the famous Pizza brand is all set to make its come […]

Karachi Coke Food Fest 2018 – Episode 3

Coke Fest 2018 - Karachi

12 HOURS TO GO! The countdown is on! ..Date: 14th, 15th & 16th December 2018Time: 1 PM- 11 PM (Friday, 3PM)Venue: Beach Park Karachi*FOR FAMILIES ONLYFor purchase of tickets: #PoweredByJazz #EatToTheBeat #KashmirCookingOil #Festival #ComingSoon #Music #Entertainment #Fun #Food #Foodfest #FestieBestie #FoodiesRUs #PoweredByActivemedia #Pakistan Posted by FoodFest on Thursday, December 13, 2018 The wait is […]

Burger King pranks McDonald’s

Burger King and McDonald’s are famous for their rivalries in fast-food industry! And this time, it has taken new heights of creativity. Both brands have involved in running aggressive campaigns at one another or have trolled each other.   This time, Burger King has launched a devious campaign against McDonald’s, aimed at diverting customers from its […]

Jack and Charlie Café Initiative: The Talk of the Town


Jack and Charlie Café and Grill has taken a great initiative on account of International Day of Disabled Persons and launched the Braille food menu card for visually impaired people. It is the first eatery in Pakistan to introduce a propelling Braille Food Menu that obliges the requirements of individuals who are visually impaired or […]