Best Coffee Places in Karachi!

Best coffee places Karachi

With winters all over Pakistan, everyone is stepping out of their home in the quest of a cup of coffee. The trend is quite common in Pakistan that people love to enjoy the cold weather with friends and family along with a cup of nice hot and frothy coffee! It’s basically sheer joy! This magic drink is an integral part of our lifestyle. Not only that, coffee has this power to uplift your mood and wake up in an instant.


Coffee is a lifestyle! People make money over coffee, fall in love with each other over coffee dates, enjoy with family or friends at Pakistan tour, makeup with loved ones by inviting them for a cup of coffee, hang out with friends for coffee. In short, coffee has a special place in everyone’s’ lives.


Therefore, after a bit exploration, Foodies Hubb is sharing with you the few places where you can step out and have a nice big mug of lip-smacking coffee!


You can thank us later.


1. Espresso

From hot coffee to cold mocha and from expresso shots to frothy cappuccino, Espresso brews every sort of coffee, but a cup of Americano can awaken your spirits and entertain your coffee cravings like no other. Espresso is one homegrown brand that is one of the most favorite choices for a frothy cup of coffee.


Price Range: PKR 200 – PKR 415


2. New York Coffee

Unlike other coffee houses, New York Coffee serves that dose of caffeine in a crystal glass so that you can see many layers of caramel, cream, and froth while you sip your delicious coffee.


The taste of freshly brewed coffee is a pure delight that serves your coffee cravings and hits you at the right spot.


Price Range: PKR 175 – PKR 500


3. Gloria Jeans

With more than 25 branches running all over Pakistan and two in Karachi, Gloria Jeans is the place that offers a wide variety of single origin, blends, flavored and decaffeinated whole bean coffee.


Urban design and decor, friendly staff, a dozen snacks and a variety of food options at Gloria make it a perfect place for that much-coveted coffee date!


Price Range: PKR 350 – PKR 500


4. Easy

Along with their delicious donuts, Easy offers a wide range of coffee that will certainly be a treat for your tastebuds. Their coffee is frothy and pairing it with their glazed donut will take you to a trip to Coffee Feilds of Tanzania!


Price range: PKR 500-600


5. Butler’s Chocolate Cafe

With its oh-so-comfy chairs and a wide array of those grooving 1940s tunes, coffee served at Butler’s Cafe is a cut above the average coffee bar. It is a full-service coffee house, with freshly brewed coffee and coffee drinks.


Butler’s is not a pre-fab coffee cafe, delivering that pre-brewed or fresh-packed coffee; they serve coffee the old-fashioned way.


Price Range: PKR 250 – PKR 350


6. Cinnabon

Cinnabon is known for their world celebrated classic cinnamon rolls in addition to other heavenly treats such as the Caramel Pecanbon, Cinnabon Stix and Chocobon, they also offer delicious beverages. Their most popular beverages are the Mochalatta Chill and caramel latte which are a great favorite among many coffee lovers. Their handcrafted espresso, as well as other specialty beverages, are famous all over Karachi.


It’s a cozy place and you’ll love every sip of the beverage that you take.


Price range: PKR 500-800


6. Mocca

Mocca is all about standing out and being unique. With their passion for fine ingredients and the love for a simple and minimalistic design, Mocca has quickly become a popular social hub among Karachiites.


Their coffee and dessert are worth trying and we’d highly recommend their butterscotch cappuccino!


Price range: PKR 400-600


7. Nobby

Nobby’s, which literally means the high end, welcomes you with a very chic aura. You can walk down into the lower level for a warm and private setting or you can opt for ground-level dining if you want to experience the hustle-bustle of everyone going in and out.


The coffee, we have to say, is simply perfect. We’d recommend a cold, hazelnut latte that will hit all your right spots.


 Price range: PKR 400-600


8. Coffee Wagera 

With flavors like Hazelnut, Vanilla, Butterscotch and Caramel, these are the staple drinks that should not be missed when trying their coffee.


Price range: PKR 350-500


9. Lal’s

There’s always a fleet of waiters looking to serve customers which is always a plus one. Their Dark Chocolate Latte is happiness in a cup for only Rs.320 and their Caramel Macchiato Latte is just the perfect thing to drink if you want something on a sweeter side.


Price range: PKR 350-500


So, which one is your favorite coffee shop in K-town? Let us know in the comment box below.


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