#CokeFest 2018: The Great Moments of the Great Event!


The Coca Cola, a top-notch brand all over the world, has made its way to Karachi, through its ultimate grand food festival, Coca-Cola Food Festival, from March 9 to March 11 – at Beach Park, Clifton. The festival was aimed at offering various types of food and restaurants to the visitors. So, check out the hits and moments of #CokeFest in Karachi.

The Moments

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Food is a major part of any food festival host by any brand, especially when it comes in the name. Most of the attendees preferred Burger Joint which goes by the name of 2 guys and 1 grll. Their delicious and juicy beef burgers were a big hit of the event. In fact, I also went to this place to have a look and taste some yummy and superb burgers.


When I reached the venue, I was also told by my friend that one stall was serving lasagna in a bread bowl. Though, it was tough to find the place, somehow I managed to reach Wrappeite and tried that delicious goodness. Not only lasagna, but there were loads of fries which made it more worthy. I also asked for the toppings and had an amazing experience. (Sorry I forgot to take the Picture!)

Foodies Hubb

As the temperature was not favorable, so I decided to get some ice cream. The cold and lovely tasty cup made me fresh and energetic. Although, the ice cream was melting at pace, but it did its job well.

Foodies Hubb

The combination is not very good, but I found a really awesome chicken stall that was a pleasing one. I couldn’t help myself and tried the scrumptious and tasty chicken, which was something I will never forget. Each spicy bite of the chicken was worthy and deserves great appreciation for the cook.

The Music

When you’re in the festival and enjoying food, there must be music. Although the sound was too high and it was literally bleeding ears, but the fun was out of the world. #CokeFest hosted the popular band Srings, who gave an amazing performance on day two.  While other band, Fuzon and Ali Sethi, took the stage on day three, where Sethi managed to entertain the crowd with its soulful voice. Without any doubt, it was a great event and it host the crowd with great love and affection.

Overall the ambiance of the festival was very sound and amazing. However, it could have been held some other time. Being in the venue in the day time was tough and the burning sun dehydrated us in just a short span of time.


Although the Beach Park is near to the beach, the heat took a toll on most of the attendees. In comparison to Karach Eat, which took place earlier this year, #CokeFest had limited food options but crowd enjoyed that.

Overall Experience was exciting, memorable, lovely and tiring (thanks to the burning sun)!

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