Faisalabad Coke Food Fest 2018 – Episode 2

Coke Fest

After enthralling Lahore, the ultimate food & music festival #CokeFest held at Faisalabad and brought a variety of food vendors and electrifying live performances by famous artists!

Living the Moments

As the name suggests, the event was started with a lot of scrumptious food & jaw-dropping performances. It offered a variety of cuisines with flavors and delicacies to cater to a wide array of audience.

Coke Fest Food


The festival also offered a diverse panel of culinary talents along with several home based chefs.

Coke Fest 2018 (A)

Family Time

Coca Cola, a brand of togetherness and happiness prides itself in bringing people together and celebrate the love for Food and Music. As there was a large influx of crowd at Coke Fest, the sight at the festival provided a relaxing area to the visitors.

Coke Fest 2018


Lahore Coke Food Fest 2018 – Episode 1

The Music

When you’re in the festival and enjoying food, there must be music. Although the sound was too high and it was literally bleeding ears, but the fun was out of the world. #CokeFest hosted the popular singer Jawwad Ahmed, who gave an amazing performance on day one.

food festival2

While other singers namely Sahir Ali Bagga, Amanat Ali, Nirmal Roy and Horeya Asmat took the stage on day two and managed to entertain the crowd with their amazing voices.

food festival

Without any doubt, it was a great event and it host the crowd with great love and affection.


Now, we’re already looking forward to the next round at Karachi– the city of lights on 14th, 15th & 16th December 2018. Let’s hope this time its even bigger and better!

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‘Coke Fest’ – Pakistan’s Biggest Music & Food Celebration