“It’s Time to Eat Together” for Coca-Cola

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has launched a new global campaign sending the powerful message “It’s time to eat together”, urging people to sit together. The idea is that differences between age, profession and ethnicity can disappear when people share food around the table.


It also reflects that good food and a Coke can bring people together from walks of life that are usually very different.


Geometry LatAm executive creative director, Juan-José Posada, explains:

“In a world of cultural social and economic conflict, we wanted to illustrate that all that potentially separates us can be unscrambled by the pleasure of a meal together. When a flavor is extraordinary, barriers can be broken down by its power.”


The new packaging juxtaposes each side of the opposing points of view: a builder for instance sharing a meal with an executive; a young girl with an elderly man; two people from different cultures.


The concept packaging design is the result of global collaboration between Geometry Mexico and Geometry Romania.


The new packaging design will be in-store in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Turkey and the Caucasus.


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