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Maraheb Pakistan

Food as a business is growing in Pakistan because of the inventiveness and ingenuity of the eateries, and awareness of the people. According to experts, Pakistan’s food industry is still in its nascent stage and as it continues to expand and evolve, eateries are only going to think of more ways to tantalize our taste buds.


As food options in Pakistan are becoming more cluttered day-by-day, eateries are introducing innovative ways to cook food and stand out in the competitive environment.

In this positive vibe, one of the biggest eateries of United Arab Emirates (UAE) is opening its branch in Karachi – the city of lights. Famous as Maraheb, a Yemeni/Arabic cuisine, the restaurant is all planned to bring in new and tasty flavors with a touch of prehistoric cultural heritage to attract the Arabian food lovers.

Popular as the ‘King of Mandi’, the branch is located at Sharfabad near Bahadrabad next to Swensens. However, it has not officially been open to the public yet.

The legacy of taste is coming soon to Karachi. Introducing the biggest brand of UAE – Maraheb, the King of Mandi!#marahebpk #LegacyOfTaste

Posted by Maraheb Pakistan on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Maraheb’s Menu


Till date, people are looking forward to a yummy and delicious vast menu from Maraheb. Apart from its signature dish Mandi, the eatery spot will also serve liver, grilled fish, grilled Hamour, grilled King Fish, Saltah Fahsah, Kunafeh, and many other various chicken and meat dishes.

Maraheb’s Opening Date

While speaking to one of the representatives from Maraheb, we got to know that the tentative date will be sometime in December.


In the last few years, Karachi has seen a wave of Mandi eateries in various vicinities. The rising trend of Arabic Cuisine augmented the demand for Mandi restaurants to manifolds.


A wholesome platter of flavorful rice served with roasted chicken, mutton, lamb or even seafood at times along with green chutney and salad, this dish adds up to a heavenly food! And citizens will surely love the cuisine.


Dubai’s top notch restaurant Maraheb is yet another addition to the city’s emerging Mandi culture. Foodies Hubb welcomes the top brand as it is considered to be one of the best eateries in the Emirate.


Let’s see how it lures Karachiities with its tantalizing dishes, chutnies and salads.


Which one is your favorite Arabic Food Spot?Do let us know in the comments below.


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