The Perfect Healthy Diet for Kids That They Will Love Eating

Mothers are completely fanatic about the food that they give to their children. She has to deal with all the wishes of her children and the biggest challenge is to ensure that her children are getting healthy nutrition at the right time which is delicious as well as attractive. So, I have decided to list down 10 healthy foods for kids that mothers can add to their fancy dishes, thus a perfect healthy diet which their kids cannot resist and eat without argument.

Milk:Milk - foodies hubb

The children of any place in the world are filled with numerous wishes and when it comes to milk, they do not like to have plain. So, to elevate this problem, you can add different fruits to the milk or make milkshakes so it looks like something tasty and attractive to them. Moreover, you can also incorporate a bit of chocolate powder with low carbs amount, and adding honey is also one of the best healthiest option you can have for your child because money itself has amazing healthy and therapeutic effects on the body.


carrot - foodies hubbAlthough, it’s a very boring vegetable to even look at but extremely good food for growing children. It is also helpful for the eye sight and I’m sure everyone wants a perfect eyesight for their children. The question here is how you can utilize carrots? You can easily use carrots by simply making a juice out of it and add some oranges for a taste development and enjoy! In this way, you can have the best nutritious drink for your child. Start it today, and then you will see the impact of this perfect healthy diet element.


Fish - foodies hubbMany people are of the view that no meat is better than fish! And they’re literally right. Fish is the purest and rich source for proteins. It supports the skin, hair, nails and all other parts which need proteins in your body. According to doctors, every cell of the body is 40% to 60% protein. So, to provide your children a perfect healthy diet, make some fish nuggets or plain finger fish which the best way to attract your children to eat the fish.


Potatoes - foodies hubbWao! I love Potatoes. And yes, it doesn’t make you fat at all, if eaten in the right and limited way. Potatoes are an amazing source of folic acid involved in the formation of red blood cells and Vitamin A.


Beans - foodies hubbThey’re the best source of protein and also contain other components that are helpful in the development of any heart disease at early ages. You can make a perfect healthy diet with a bean salad and a fresh orange juice, which your children need to a healthiest mid-day snack.


almonds - foodies hubbWe all know that almonds are best to boost your brain activity and also enhances memory. So, add almonds to your children perfect healthy diet. You can use almonds in the milk or plain dry roasted almonds could be one of the delicious healthy item for your kids.

The Green:

the green food - foodies hubbThe green food is particularly the most hated food by children in the meal plate. But do you know that it is the best source of compounds involved in boosting red cells of your child. It also helps in maintaining healthy body organs. So, to provide perfect healthy diet, make salads and sauté vegetables with the main course food.


eggs - foodies hubbThe best cooks know 101 ways of making eggs look delicious and awesome and this should not be skipped in your child’s breakfast. Its proteins are the main source of reproducing organs and good hormonal balance of your child.


dates - foodies hubbDates have all the right amount of fiber, energy and healthy carbs that is required by the body especially during early ages. This is a complete one meal which is best for perfectly healthy diet. So, add this item to your child’s diet plan to make them healthy and smart.


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