Pizza Fries – A New Food Trend in Karachi

Did someone say fries? You’ll find a fries’ seller in every other corner of the street in Karachi. It’s the favorite snack of Karachites. You might like fries loaded with cheese mayo or garlic mayo different seasonings like tikka masala, chicken flavor, chat masala or plain salted. Latest addition to Karachites fries craving is “Pizza fries”! Fries along with some cheese and pizza flavor, one cannot resist from eating it. It’s a combination of our top 3 favorite flavors pizza, fries and cheese!


Since it is popular nowadays almost every restaurant in Karachi are including this trending snack item in their menu. Here are listed some of the restaurants offering Pizza Fries:

Burger in Law:

Burger in Law
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The stacked pizza fries from Burger in law are flawless to meet your fries craving. They have serving which is for Rs. 200.

Bites 4 delight:

Source: Facebook

Top of the list you’ll find everyone raving about it is Bite4Delight’s pizza fries. Foodies are ready to wait in a queue to get their taste buds treated by their pizza fries. It a local place in Dhoraji and FB Area block 14 Dastagir near Budh Bazar where u can see people waiting for their turn. Totally worth waiting for. Costs around Rs.160.

Big Bash:

big bash
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Pizza fries can often be found as greasy or soggy but Big bash doesn’t settle for anything less and its pizza fries are a flawless. The mouth-watering layer of melted mozzarella on crisp fries with shreds of chicken, jalapeno, olives and mushroom yummy! Costs around Rs. 230.

Yellow Potato:

Yellow Potato
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Pizza fries from yellow potato are a definite thumbs up. It’s not just simply fries that are topped with mozzarella. It’s like a real deal of the pizza toppings, just it’s on fries and for Rs.500. They even have distinctive pizza season alternatives to look over: tikka, incomparable, pepperoni, meat.

The Top Steakhouses in Karachi

Tea Town Cafe:

Tea Town Cafe
Source: Facebook

The Tea Town Cafe serves amazing pizza fries and people who have tried them are recommending it on Facebook groups. A decent serving for Rs. 200.
Source: Facebook

If you’re looking for a fresh and hot serving pizza fries delivery at your home, then is the right place for you. Now, since we have talked much about the pizza fries and you’re most likely to have them right away, we left for the right time for you.

House of Potatoes

House of Potatoes

Another cool spot for Pizza Fries is House of Potatoes (HoP), which is admired by many Karachiites. The two killer foods combined inventing a total foodgasm with layers of cheese dripping over meat is Must Try for everyone who likes to try new items in the Food-place.


If you haven’t yet tried pizza fries yet? Do visit these restaurants. They are totally it. And If we miss anyone, do let us know in the comments below.


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