PUBG Themed Restaurant Opens for ‘Chicken Dinner’ Lovers

PUBG Themed Restaurant

JAIPUR: PUBG (PUB-G) fans can once again rejoice with the opening of Player Unknown’s Belly Grounds!


A PUBG themed restaurant, Player Unknown’s Belly Grounds, starts attracting ‘Chicken Dinner’ lovers which will make you feel like entering into a battlefield. The restaurant is offering ‘chicken dinner’ fans an experience to eat their favorite ‘delicious food and drinks’ in an environment of PUBG battlefield that has taken the world by storm.


While bringing the new idea, the restaurant has widely adopted the PUBG theme by posing interesting posters everywhere in the restaurant showing the game characters serving the food and placed camouflage costume, PUBG’s First Aid Kit and much more stuff on the table.

Taking the gaming fever to the next level, the eatery also made a great gaming zone as they have announced a PUBG tournament for solo players and duo as well with handsome prize money of 2500 Indian rupee, according to its Instagram post.

The administration has worked down every last detail to perfection so that visitors can feel the live experience of what it feels like living in the PUBG world.

Though we have a strong feeling that the restaurant will be used less for eating and more for playing!

According to statistics released in December last year, Tencent Games had announced that the online game, PUBG, crossed 200 million downloads and achieved over 30 million daily active users globally including iOS and Android users.


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