Welcome Maraheb Pakistan: Dubai’s Iconic Eatery

Maraheb Pakistan

Food as a business is growing in Pakistan because of the inventiveness and ingenuity of the eateries, and awareness of the people. According to experts, Pakistan’s food industry is still in its nascent stage and as it continues to expand and evolve, eateries are only going to think of more ways to tantalize our taste […]

Notice Issued to E-street Restaurants in Karachi

The wave of anti-encroachment operation is in full swing and all concerned authorities are implementing the order of Supreme Court at every corner of Karachi. The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has started an operation to seal or demolish properties and buildings built illegally in Karachi.   In this regards, a public notice has also […]

Moos ‘n’ Cluck

Moos n cluck

About Moos ‘n’ Cluck is a must try for everyone who is looking for new flavors in chicken burgers. Taste is very unique with best quantity. The eatery for specialized contemporary American inspired cuisines, bound to serve you juicy & saucy burgers, sandwiches and variants of loaded fries.   Visit here: Moos ‘n’ Cluck    



About “Howdy” is a Burger joint, clamoring  attention of many burger lovers in Pakistan. The interior decor of this cowboy-themed restaurant in LuckyOne Mall gives you unlimited vibes of the Western genre. Talking about the food quality, all of its burger varieties are out-class and its fusion of Alfredo Pasta with Steak is a quite […]

The Best Biryani Places in Karachi


“Biryani” is a famous dish all over Pakistan. Most of the Pakistanis even die for biryani when needed (Just Kidding :)!). However, the type of biryani varies from person to person. Some prefer spicy biryani specially “Daig wali”, whereas others are more inclined towards “Ghar wali” biryani. Other elements like aloo, leg piece, Raita and […]