Top Places in Karachi to Host an Amazing Birthday Party

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Birthdays are one of the most celebrated events in Pakistan, and enjoyed by every individual belongs to any age group.


The celebration isn’t limited to any age group, however, the first birthday of the child is mostly celebrated and anticipated. Parents are really excited about it and start planning for it months before the day of birthday.


And when it comes to child’s birthday celebration, people always think about food, the cake, the venue, the decoration and the important thig, budget. So, what are the food options available in Karachi to host an amazing birthday party within a budget.


I’ve list down the best birthday places in Karachi, where you can enjoy the amazing time celebrating great occasion with family and friends.

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Mc Donalds Sea View

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Despite having many Mc Donald’s outlets in Karachi, the Sea View branch is particularly the best places for hosting a birthday party because of the separate room for kids. Few days back, I also a birthday party of my dear mother and it was a very memorable experience. All I did was, brought a cake and the rest was taken care of.

Emerald Tower Food CourtEmerald-Tower-Clifton-Karachi - foodies hub

Many people aren’t aware, but Emerald tower, located in Clifton near teen talwar, has a spacious food court along with a play area for kids and since, I have attended birthdays there, you can have a great time, enjoying the great food quality and taste.

What you need to do is to inform the in charge of the food court and reserve the place for your event. It’s that simple! Rest of the things, which includes arrangements and decorations will be carried out by them.

Sindbad Dolmen City Mall

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All kids love play areas and when it comes to Sindbad, you can’t go home easily with your kids. So, Sindbad at Dolmen City Mall, is the best place in comparison to other malls in Karachi. Its great, it has all the rides and a big soft play area for older and younger kids. Morever, they’ve a big party room where you can arrange your private gatherings.

So, what could be a better place than a private room to sit, enjoy and chit chat while the kids can roam around in a safe area playing and enjoying.

Burger King

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Burger King, a big name in the fast food industry, has gained great space in Pakistan through its lovely, tasty and amazing burgers. It came with a storm and Karachiites were pretty excited about it. And now Burger King, has become a great hosting spot for birthday parties where you can enjoy birthday and other occasions with spicy and scrumptious burgers from the top brand in Pakistan.

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Kaybees, one of the well-known brands in Karachi, offer Birthday Party Celebration, and the package does not include only food but, it also takes care of arrangements, decoration, birthday caps and face painting etc. The food menu has a wide range and offers you variety of food, where you can choose any dish of your choice and don’t worry about the taste.

So, make your child’s birthday arrangements memorable by planning something exotic and exciting event at Kaybees restaurant.

Port Grand

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Birthday party is celebrated with bundle of memories. Port Grand offers number of activities to celebrate great birthday parties in your style which includes the basic Birthday party packages from food to a bunch of other activities from circus to buggy ride, cinema music, boat ride, and train ride etc.

If you want to enjoy the perfect moment that matches your budge requirement than Port Grand is the place for you.

Lal Qila Restaurant

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Celebrating the birthday party in a royal way, is the dream of all Parents. And Lal Qila offers an amazing wide range of food from Desi to, Bar B Cue and continental, and other activities. You just have to sit back relax and enjoy the cherish environment.

Koffie Chalet


Koffie Chalet is another best option for you to celebrate your birthday parties that perfectly fits your budget needs, apart from the delicious food and great ambiance the restaurant offers. So, what you need to do is to pay for the food you have ordered and turn your party on!


Which one is your favorite Birthday places? If we miss anyone do let us know in the comments below.

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