Nurpur – A Taste of Pureness

We all have heard the name of Nurpur, but very few are aware of its origin.


Nurpur was started from a small village over 50 years ago. The brand was part of Noon Pakistan Limited, a company that has an over 50-years dairy legacy in Pakistan. Fauji Foods, a part of Fauji Group of Companies, was established in the year 2015, after the acquisition of Noon Pakistan Limited.

Fauji Foods relaunched the House of Nurpur, the household brand for generations, in May 2016, thus reviving an age-old tradition of wholesome quality.


Nurpur has launched two TVCs so far, and remarkably both of them perfectly sync with the overall brand image and embed all the elements of traditional heritage, whether its music, color theme, storytelling, mother-child bonding, etc.

The TVC also showcases the usage of Nurpur whether it is about making tea or drinking it simply. Overall, a perfect combination of brand elements and script.


In a short span of time, the company has gained great momentum across its consumer base and launched different product ranges apart from its flagship butter product. Their varied range of dairy products gives customers the option to decide the lifestyle they want to live. From Nurpur UHT Milk, Low Fat Milk, Flavored Milk, Butter and Cheese, Nurpur has something for everyone.


The single most important subsector of agriculture is livestock including cows, buffalos and goats, which provide milk, meat, hides and other raw materials for the local market. The livestock sector alone contributes 11% of the country’s GDP, with an estimated 42 billion litres of milk produced per annum.

In the case of Nurpur, they acquire milk from farmers who are trained in production and handling of hygienic milk. To ensure quality, the utensils for milking and transportation are sterilized. Once, the milk is collected, milk collection agents perform 23 tests on each batch of milk before collection.

Then, medically screened personnel handle the transportation of milk in insulated SS tankers at 4°C. Throughout this process, quality checks are made according to both international and national (federal and provincial) standards.

Due to such resilience, devotion and attention to every small detail Nurpur has been able to attain following quality certifications:

  • Pakistan Halal Std. Certification (PS-3733:2016)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • FSSC-22000 Food Safety Std. certification

Apart from this, all our products have been tested and verified by Punjab Food Authority and PSQCA. Not only his, they are also tested by a number of third-party labs, namely, SGS Pakistan, Interek Pakistan and Qarshi Labs Pakistan.

All these laborious quality control tests, procedures and certifications make sure that the milk that goes from the farm to your glass is fresh, healthy and fit for consumption by you and your loved ones.


Nurpur sets itself distinct from its competition, both functionally and emotionally.

Functionally, Nurpur is the oldest dairy brand in Pakistan started in 1966. With the passage of time, the brand has evolved itself through dairy expertise, modern technology and packaging. The consumers have the widest product portfolio, both horizontally and vertically, to make a choice.

Emotionally, very few might be aware of the fact that Nurpur is part of a welfare organization, Fauji Foundation, that spends more than 80% of its revenues to run welfare activities in the form of Hospitals, Dispensaries, Universities, Colleges, Schools and Vocational Training Institutes. Consumers of Nurpur are not only consuming the best quality products but also are contributing towards the welfare work in the country.

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