Burger King (Germany): Escape the Clown

Burger King Germany launched a campaign “Escape the Clown,” a reference to the McDonald’s chain classic clown mascot, Ronald McDonald. The campaign is based on the clown named Pennywise featured in IT: Chapter 2. This has given Burger King yet another opportunity to troll rival McDonald’s. Using a geo-targeted message on Facebook or Instagram, McDonald’s […]

First Ever Pakistani Brand Featured by Asia Outlook

McDonalds - Asia Outlook

Pakistan is a rising economy in the sub-continent, with one of the fastest-growing markets in the world with high development potential and offers infinite opportunities. Brands and industries have a large share of contribution to the growth of any economy. McDonald’s is the first-ever Pakistani brand that has been featured by the prestigious international magazine […]

Burger King pranks McDonald’s

Burger King and McDonald’s are famous for their rivalries in fast-food industry! And this time, it has taken new heights of creativity. Both brands have involved in running aggressive campaigns at one another or have trolled each other.   This time, Burger King has launched a devious campaign against McDonald’s, aimed at diverting customers from its […]