First Ever Pakistani Brand Featured by Asia Outlook

Pakistan is a rising economy in the sub-continent, with one of the fastest-growing markets in the world with high development potential and offers infinite opportunities. Brands and industries have a large share of contribution to the growth of any economy.

McDonald’s is the first-ever Pakistani brand that has been featured by the prestigious international magazine Asia Outlook. This is a massive achievement and a moment of great honor that they are reflected as a positive impact on the economy of Pakistan.

With the love of food running in the veins of the citizens, the brand has taken the opportunity to explore business and revenue generation keeping in mind social development as well.

According to Mr. Jamil Mughal, Chief Operations, Marketing, Development and Supply Chain Officer at McDonald’s Pakistan:

“McDonald’s has an optimistic approach in growing and further expanding their brand in Pakistan which will help the economy of Pakistan grow more.”

Society-First Agenda

Believing in the society-first agenda, McDonalds is an active brand in various sponsorships for different industries like the entertainment industry. They sponsor different movies every year and bring in new talent and opportunities for aspiring actors and artists, which has helped the cinema industry to grow and generate revenue for more investment.

Not only the entertainment industry, they are involved in sponsoring different events and competitions related to the digital industry, music, sports, and various children’s activities.

Creating Employment Opportunities

McDonald’s is an international brand having international ethics and guidelines. Since the establishment of McDonald’s in 1998, the brand has hired a lot of unlimited talent, which helped the company run its smooth operations and expansion. Currently, it has over 3,000 employees.

Helping Local Vendors

The company not only gives importance to the growth of employees, but also provide opportunities for local vendors and new industries a chance to grow.

McDonald’s gives them a chance at generating revenue and establishing a business and it’s not just the food industry that makes the most of this. The brand gets to set a standard for emerging businesses in several industries to follow as a module of success.

Mr. Jamil Mughal stated that, they look forward to expand McDonald’s Pakistan further in the country and are devoted to sustain world-class quality food and customer convenience and provide accessibility and affordability to everyone.

Conclusively, the brand has established a milestone in Pakistan and around the world. The honor of being featured in Asia Outlook is just one of many examples of how the brand has created value and expanded throughout the years as more than just a business.

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